Course curriculum

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    Session 1

    • In this first class, we'll talk and work on the first five topics: 1.Competitors Research 2.Keywords 3.Credibility 4.Core Values 5.Brand Positioning Statement
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    Session 2

    • In this second class, we're going to address the four next topics: 1.Functional Benefits 2.Emotional Benefits 3.Brand Personality 4.Company Vision
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    Session 3

    • Welcome to the 3rd class. Before we go into the next topics, we will review your competitors spreadsheet to analyze your data and keywords.
    • Now let's address two topics: 1.Audience and their persona 2.Business Classification
    • You can download the presentation slides.
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    Session 4

    • In this last class, we are concluding with the last two topics: 1.Mission Statement 2.Tag line
    • Your documents.
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